Facts on Three-Toed Sloths                                           


- Its habitat consists of the rainforests of Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and  Espirito Santo

- It spends its life almost entirely in the canopies of trees

- The female three-toed sloth gives birth  upside down in trees only once a year, and to a single offspring at a time, during a gestation period of six months

- The sloth has an unusual ability to heal completely from severe wounds. This makes them extremely valuable to scientists, who would like to study sloths closer, but cannot, because of their endangered status

- Sloths are extremely clumsy on land and can hardly survive outside of trees

- However, sloths are excellent swimmers

- Because the sloth spends most of its life in trees, they are especially affected by deforestation

sources: http://www.arkive.org/maned-three-toed-sloth/bradypus-torquatus/info.html